Recently the book entitled ‘Elderly Care and Upwards Solidarity: Historical, Sociological and Legal Perspectives’ appeared in the ‘European Family Law Series’ (EFL) under the editorship of the Rethinkin members Prof. dr. Elisabeth Alofs (VUB) and Prof. dr. Wendy Schrama (Utrecht University).

This book examines the legal and societal challenges facing ageing nations in Europe. With a focus on informal care, it poses the question of how, in light of historical and socio-demographic changes, we can take care of our elderly. This book brings together authors from different disciplines (history, sociology and law) and from different legal jurisdictions (Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain).

This book includes the research results from the Rethinkin research line in the period 2015-2019 on elderly care and more specifically the relationship between intergenerational solidarity within families on the one hand and social security and market mechanisms on the other hand.

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