The International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL) has chosen to treat the topic “The protection of the adult and respect for his/her autonomy” during her next general congress of 2022. At the same time, the Academic Network on Family Law in Europe (FL-EUR), founded in 2019, has chosen to treat as the first working field, “Empowerment and Protection of Vulnerable Adults”.
Both organizations stress the importance of elderly protection measures in the context of ageing societies. They point out that fundamental issues raise in many jurisdictions in the international human rights, such as the UN Treaty on Rights of Persons with a Disability.
Professor Frederik Swennen (UAntwerpen) and professor Tim Wuyts (UHasselt) were appointed national reporters for Belgium.
Based on these reports, FL-EUR will uncover the common core, best practices and pitfalls to put together a range of possible solutions that could be used by national Governments, European and international organizations (such as the Hague Conference) and professionals and their associations.
The results will be disseminated at the Conferences organized by IACL (23-28 October 2022, Paraguay, and FL-EUR (end of 2022, The national reports will be published in open-access and as articles in books.